2020 MAESTRO webinar

A steadily rising world population entails new concepts to provide humankind with energy in an environmentally friendly, sustainable and cost-efficient way. Using earth abundant energy sources, such as wind, water and solar, will get more and more important to sustain our society. With an irradiance of 1361 W/m2, solar energy is one of the most powerful sources which can be transformed into useful energy. At present, silicon modules are dominating the photovoltaic market due to their low cost, stability, and efficiency (20-22% for a typical panel on the market). However, after decades of research and investment, new concepts are required to achieve a reduction in solar electricity prices to promote photovoltaics (PV) as a widely adopted way of power generation. A new class of material called perovskites emerged from the research community over the last ten years with promising results, which are rivalling silicon-based cells on both small and large surface areas. As the future lays in the hands of innovations, young researchers are taking the chance to introduce the wider public to this new class of materials, which could guide the path of the solar industry in a more sustainable direction. Are you ready to learn more about this powerful material? Then join us in our webinar where early stage researchers are introducing you to the chances of tomorrow.

Webinar agenda:

  • Introduction: global warming
  • Introduction to renewable energy
  • Solar cells: history and now
  • Perovskites
  • Introduction to MAESTRO

Speakers: Nadja Klipfel, Thijs Smolders, Christina Kamaraki, Vivek Babu, Luigi Angelo Castriotta
Organisation help: Anni Laihanen